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Ny name is Jim Marx and  I live in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri with my wife and two beautiful daughters - who thankfully look just like their mom.  My real day job is Director of Technology Projects for a global medical and science publishing company.

Two of my favorite hobbies are woodturning and stained glass. I'm self-taught in woodturning, learning mostly by reading books, internet and a video or two.  My dad taught me stained glass a few years ago after he gave up the hobby - and gave me his tools!








Pretty girls eh?   My wife is a middle-school teacher in Accelerated Education, the oldest daughter an account manager for a software development company and a St. Louis Rams Cheerleader.  The younger daughter is studying to be an esthetist.  I'm so proud of all of them.







Here's my new friend, a wonderful Golden Retriever.  We adopted him from a local dog rescue organization and have loved every minute of his company.  What a great dog.








This is my shop but it's rarely this clean.  My lathe is a Jet 1442 - a real beauty.  Mounted on the lathe is Gast #0522 1/3hp Vacuum Pump used on a vacuum chuck.  In the background is a Jet 14" Band Saw with 6" riser blocks.  What you don't see is a Delta 50-875 Air Filter, a Grizzly 1029Z Dust Collector, Rigid 15" Drill Press and Craftsman Table and Radial Arm Saws. 

For information on vacuum chucking and the allowable vacuum for wood, check out the whitepaper written by Bill Marx, my dad, a brilliant genius engineer. This whitepaper was recently featured in the American Assoication of Woodturners article.


Show your support for those who proudly serve their country.  We need you to get involved and help us fund, produce and ship 150,000 custom handwriting pens to our Military Servicemen and Women serving in the Middle East.

The Freedom Pens Project is an all volunteer effort spearheaded by the members of SawMill Creek Woodworkers Forums to provide custom hand crafted pens to American servicemen and women overseas. We welcome anyone who is interested in our project and willing to donate their time, talent or services to assist us in our goal of providing beautiful writing instruments for our military stationed in foreign countries who are in harms way. Every Freedom Pen that is delivered will serve as a constant reminder to our troops that they are not alone and will have our continued support until every one of them returns home.

Who Makes The Pens?
   Freedom Pens are being made by individual woodworkers everywhere, from small towns to our largest cities.  Amateur woodworkers are donating their time, talent and personal funds to create custom pens as a symbol of their support for our military men and women.   Our program is sponsored by the Woodworking Community of SawMill .  My wife motivated the students and fellow teachers to donate the funds that were used to support my goal to turn 200 pens -- part of  the 34,490 that were shipped in 2004.  Please help if you can - visit

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